Qualified Teachers

Our teachers (CAP) which are specialized in Industrial Metrology are certified by the Carl Zeiss Metrology Academy and accredited by AUKOM e.v.

Our constant worldwide work in projects of 3D metrology, in different areas of the industry, becomes an added value for customized training.


  • Calypso Basic
  • Calypso Advanced
  • Caligo I Basic
  • Caligo II Advanced
  • iDA
  • Metrolog XG
  • Power Inpect
  • Pc-Dmis
  • Calypso Curves
  • Calypso PCM
  • Calypso Rotary
  • Calypso Freeform
  • Calypso Planner
  • Calypso SOptical Sensors
  • SPC Basic
    Statistical Control of the Process
    Control Charts (variables and attributes)
  • Software PI-WEB
  • GD&T Basic
  • Metrology for tridimensional machine operators

Invest in the future. Training is wisdom.