Metrology Solutions


Dimensional Measurement

Verification of form and position, for parts, fixtures, tools, machines, matrices, dimensional control gauges, molds, micro-mechanisms and gears.

In-Situ Measurement

Using our portable equipment, we are able to go to your company and perform measurements in the assembled devices of your production line, as well as to parts of large dimension, or of difficult transportation.

Renting of Expert Technicians

We have at your disposal expert technicians in 3D Metrology.

Measurement by Tomography

From Carl Zeiss, we offer innovative metrology by X-rays. High precision measurements are made of parts with the analysis of their external dimensions, as well as the dimensional evaluation of internal defects without having to destroy the component.

Offline Programming & Debugging

We offer CNC programs in tridimensional measurement prior to the manufacture of the first component! Create and verify immediately!

Capacity Studies, Repeatability Studies RR Type I II

Statistical evaluations in general.

Engineering Services

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    Devices for securing CMM parts

    Systems in holding parts reliably, guaranteeing repeatability of measurements.

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    Devices for Dimensional Control

    Systems for the quick verification of production, with the control of major characteristics.

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    Loading Systems

    Increase the productivity of your CMM; reduce the total cycle of measurement with an integrated solution.

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    Special solutions for CMMs

    Know the integrated solution for your cmm in order to achieve a higher productivity.

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    Inverse Engineering

    Digitalization by laser, creation of points and modulation clouds.